On staff we have four full-time designers, all with different specialities and design styles to suit a variety of client needs. In addition to this, we also have a group of part-time artists and designers who can be called on to assist with certain projects.

We strongly believe in our clients working directly with the artist responsible for each individual project, for a much more effective communication process. Each project we undertake will then also be overseen from the perspective of marketing strategy and corporate positioning.


Our in-house photographer works directly with all of our graphic designers in the same office. This means that when a photography job is undertaken, it is completed with a clear understanding of exactly how the photos are going to be used, and what style of shooting is going to be most effective for that particular outcome (be it a brochure, website, etc.). This allows for a better discussion of ideas, and also saves considerably on cost.


We have copywriters on staff to handle all types of writing from developing advertising concepts and implementing them to print ads, sales brochures, mail-out pieces, catalogues, websites, newsletters and Press Releases. We also have a technical copywriter with a background in engineering and writing experience across a range of industries. He has the expertise to write articles of a more technical nature, and is used by our clients to prepare newsletters and press releases, often conducting phone or face-to-face interviews to obtain the relevant information. This makes it much easier for many of our clients to produce regular newsletters, as we are able to take on the entire project from writing to design and printing, streamlining the process saving both time and money.


We handle all web design and construction in-house in a variety of different styles, from traditional corporate sites to edgy, interactive, virally-orientated sites. We have expertise in optimising video content for the web, and have a freelance team of experts that we use for database/e-commerce sites. We can also help with website and search engine optimisation, ensuring our clients get the best possible results from their sites.


Social networking is fast becoming one of the most influential ways to communicate with your customer base.

At JMA we have the capabilities in-house, as well as through freelancers, to establish a social networking identity and help you understand the benefits.


JMA is an accredited agency with many years of experience in media planning for both technical journals as well as mainstream consumer advertising. We are constantly analysing the effectiveness of every campaign to ensure our clients are getting the most out of their marketing budgets.


With in-house production facilities including a studio and edit suite, and with a director, editor and writers on staff, we manage all aspects of video production, from concept through to post production and, if necessary, online distribution and marketing strategy.

We have an experienced crew that includes a multiple AFI award-winning cinematographer, animators, and make up and sound designers allowing us to manage productions from large scale TV commercials to smaller videos designed for website optimisation, or viral distribution.

Viral marketing is an ever-changing area of marketing that has huge potential and is growing all the time. For many clients it can help them to reach a vast audience at a comparatively small cost, while positioning them as an innovative company. While viral marketing is not suited to all companies or products, it is an area worth monitoring and we have the people and skills to advise on the possibilities.


Direct mail is an area that can be extremely effective at targeting a specific audience. We handle a variety of work in this area for our clients, from smaller scale targeted mail-outs to Australia-wide, 5 million strong letterbox drops. For example, for one client we do a regular direct mail-out to 17,000 Australian Doctors of a software update involving replicating CDs, print and design of information cards, inserts and a newsletter. We then collate all elements into a wallet for posting out to 9 different targeted databases. For other clients, we do tailored mail-outs involving multi-field mail-merging of personal data onto a base template and collation and mail-out with specific items. Whatever the scale of job, we have the experience and capabilities to fulfil the requirements.

We also offer e-marketing assistance to many of our clients. These campaigns can range from supplying information on offers, to innovative email promotions designed to enhance product awareness and to generate website hits.


We assist many of our clients with presenting to their customers. Whether it is the creation of a keynote or Powerpoint template, or the design and printing of entire tender documents, we can help them effectively present their companies in a positive light.

We have assisted clients in creating major tender document templates designed to be multi-use. This means that our clients can make each presentation relevant with simple minor adjustments. This approach saves on cost and allows a uniform image to be presented, while allowing each tender document to appear tailored in design and photography as well as content.


We also assist with Press Releases for several of our clients. This involves tailoring copy and supplying images to speciality trade magazines, be it craft or electrical, and alerting their editors of the latest new products/services that may be of interest to their readers.


We have assisted in setting market research strategies for a number of clients using agencies such as AC Neilson. On a smaller scale, we have also run sessions with clients including filming them for later analysis. While information gathered from market research can prove helpful, a targeted approach is still most effective for certain types of businesses.


We have a strong relationship with a number of printers, all with different capabilities and equipment, ensuring that for every job, our clients get the best possible quality and price, as well as the most economical method of printing. We talk the same language as the printers so with JMA overseeing this aspect, quality, consistency and price are always kept in check.


We have produced a range of display items for clients to suit various purposes, from designing and producing conference booths to building signage. Display material produced includes pull up banners, wall banners and mats for conference booths; building signage (both indoor and outdoor); lightbox skins; branded brochure stands (free standing and wall mounted) and vehicle signage.